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My passion is building bicycle wheels to the highest standards. I prefer to use the best quality components such as DT Swiss.

I am a perfectionist.

I can build wheels to suit any application. MTB, Downhill, Road Race, Carbon, super light, BMX, E Bikes etc.

I use a P&K Lie truing stand. This is known as 'worlds best' truing stand. It uses non linear dial gauges and can measure up to 0.025mm ( Thickness of a human hair)

I am one of only a few wheel builders in Australia that have invested and use this amazing tool.

Before a build I speak with the customer to find out as much as I can.

For example;

*The Rider,( Weight, riding style, power etc)

* The application/use of wheel ( environment, load, eg Mountains or Down Hill MTB)

* Purpose for building the wheel ( eg have the lightest climbing wheel, aero race winning, strong training wheel etc.

* Budget

I charge approximately $300-500 to build a set of wheels + parts.

Less for kids bikes and simpler builds.

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