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I provide the highest quality bicycle service and repairs. 

I specialise in custom hand built bicycle wheels and wheel repairs. 

I am qualified to repair all makes and models of bicycles.

I am qualified to service bicycle suspension.



Pro Bike Service: 

Road Bicycle = $180 ( Plus Parts) 

MTB  = $180 ( Plus Parts)

 BMX/kids bike = $80 ( Plus Parts)

Brake Bleed Shimano = $50  F&R including oil. (Others brands $70)

Premium Wheel Service - True, Dish and Tension + adjust hubs = $70 Per Wheel     ( Tyre Off on P&K Lie Stand)

My aim is to returned your bike in the best possible condition it can be, without compromise.

* I service the entire  bike. This means that I check and if needed, fully service  and/or replace components eg, Hubs, bottom bracket, freehub, headsets, pedals and brakes. (  Suspension service extra, Brake Bleed Extra)

*True wheels – Remove wheels and trued on truing stand and spoke tensions checked.

( Premium True, Tension and Dish with Tyre off using P&K Lie Stand =$50 per wheel)

* Clean, degrease and wax your bike by hand.  ( Show Room Detail)

* Lubricate/rust protection of all bolts and exposed metal.

* Adjust and align derailleurs and shifting.

* Ultrasonic clean chain. (Zero Friction Speed Waxing available). 

* Replace and fit any new parts.

* Check all nuts and bolts for proper torque.

* Test ride bike.


++++ I will contact the customer if your bike needs any new parts.  Safety is my main priority. Parts are extra to the cost of the Standard Service. Suspension service is extra.

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