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"Uncompromising workmanship and passion for excellence."

Pro Cycle Service


*Professional, Qualified and Experienced Bicycle Mechanic

*Specialist wheel builder and repairs 

***Pro Bike Service $180 plus parts***

Mobile Bicycle Mechanic

pick up and drop off available.

Give me a call/Text on

0403 166 541

Opening Hours:
Mon 930 -1630
Tue  930 - 1430
Wed 930 -1630
Thru 930  - 1430
Fri   1200 -1430
Sat - Closed
Sun Closed


Pro Cycle Service Philosophy

"Uncompromising workmanship and passion for excellence"

I have been maintaining bicycle for 30 years and have raced Mountain , Road and Track bikes for 20 years. I also race my 'retro' bikes!

I am a professionally trained bicycle mechanic, having completed my Certificate II and Certificate III through the Bicycle Mechanic Training Institute Sydney, Australia. This means I am qualified to work on all brands and all types of bicycles, including E bikes.

I specialise in hand built wheels of the highest quality using the 'Gerd Schraner' method and only using the best tools. I use a P&K Lie truing stand, DT Swiss Tensiometer and  use  DT Swiss wrenches. Safety, reliability and maximum performance are my foundations.

I have a passion for the 'Golden Age' of cycling. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I have learnt from the past masters and studied their history, techniques and philosophies to bring uncompromising standards and quality to wheel building today.

I see every part of a bicycle individually, coming together to form the most efficient functioning machine, to propel the rider towards his/her goal.

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